3 Sure Tips To Lose Weight Successfully

Being overweight or obese leads to a high risk of health issues. For you to stay healthy, you must regularly check your weight. For this to be achieved, a nutritious diet and a balanced lifestyle should be the key to maintaining health and in weight control. There are those expensive crash diets in the market. They may not be a sustainable solution for you to maintain your weight. Remember shortcut ways are expensive and comes with numerous consequences. Make a permanent, gradual change and adopt a favorable lifestyle to acquire your desirable weight. Below are some tips to help you get that killer shape you are dying for. Follow them keenly and thank me later.

  1. Eat Varied, Colorful, Nutritionally Dense Food

Let the healthy snacks and meals form the foundation of your diet. How can you know whether you are eating healthy? It is as simple as ABC,,, Make sure each meal you are taking consists of 50% fruit, 25% whole grain and 25% protein. Don’t forget fiber, it is very essential as far as weight loss is concerned. Trans fats won’t do you good in your weight loss program; They have a high link with the incidence of a coronary heart attack. Eliminate them and minimize saturated fats if you’ve to use them. They have a connection with coronary heart disease. The best-recommended fats are unsaturated fats like polyunsaturated fatty acids or monounsaturated fatty acids.

2. Keep a Food and Weight Diary

For a successful weight loss, self-monitoring is a critical factor. There are different ways to keep a record of your weight loss program; mobile app, paper diary or a dedicated website. Record any foodstuff you consume daily and your weight on a weekly basis. Tracking your success in small increments and identifying your physical changes makes you stick to a weight loss regimen.

3. Engage in Regular Physical Activity

Regular physical activities play a vital role in shedding pounds and also in improving mental performance. Increase exercise frequency and avoid procrastinating. Doing it in a purposeful and disciplined manner will give you shouting results. Having an intensive workout daily for an hour is ideal, but if not possible according to your daily schedule, aim at 150 minutes weekly. Alongside the physical activities, strictly consider the diet intake for effective weight loss.

Maintaining weight loss requires total commitment to a healthful lifestyle which has no ‘holiday’. When tempted to eat junk food during a special meal out, feel free but don’t stray too far from the path of physical exercise and healthy eating.


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Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

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5 Sure Tips of Reducing Stress

Are you done with a stressful life, and now you need to relax and feel normal again? Everyone’s wish is to live a stress-free life, but avoiding them is inevitable. So it gives you no choice but to learn how to manage them. You don’t need a retreat or a spa weekend, but the below tips will lead you to your optimum relaxation.

  1. Meditate

Giving yourself 15 minutes each day for this Exercise can work a miracle for your body. According to Psychologist, Robbie Maller Hartman, the daily reflection changes the brain’s neural pathways. It makes you more flexible to stress. How is it done? Very simple; Sit up straight both feet on the floor. Close your eyes and focus your attention on reciting positive hymn-like ‘I feel good’ or ‘Am at peace; You ca do the recitation either loudly or silently. Let one hand touch your belly to sync the mantra with your breaths. Avoid any destructive thoughts. Let them float 

  • Eat Healthily

What comes in your mind when you are told to eat healthily? It is all about eating a diet that provides a sufficient amount of brain nutrients like minerals, essential vitamins, and water. If you do this, you will be able to reduce the chances of suffering from diet-related diseases like high blood pressure. Food highly contributes a lot as far as our moods are concerned; This is not a myth but a proven fact. There is enough evidence about how eating healthy can reduce stress.

  •  Reach Out

The best way of handling stress is by spicing up social life. Avoid solitude life only because somebody or something is stressing you. Talk to your trusted pal, either physically or through a phone call. Feel free to speak out what is bothering you. By doing so, you can have another perspective on how to handle your current situation and keep your connections stronger than before.

  •  Reduce stressors (cause of stress)

The fact that life has become full of demands and little time to handle them has seen a lot of people swim in an ocean of anxiety. Funny enough, the big part of the law demands is the one we choose knowingly and then start complaining of how nagging they are. Try as much as possible to reach out for assistance from people who can handle the stressors, set priorities, and take time out for yourself. By doing this, you will have effectively used the most appropriate time-management skills.

  • Exercise regularly
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When asked to mention things you can do to combat stress, a regular workout should be number one on your list. Putting physical pressure on your body through workout might seem contradictory, but the fact is, it can relieve mental stress. However, it works well when you do it regularly. How does it work? When you exercise, your stress hormones, such as cortisol, are lowered. Endorphin, which acts as a painkiller and helps in improving your moods, is also released when doing Exercise.

Have you ever experienced sleepless nights due to stress? If yes, don’t intoxicate your body by taking drugs. Try Exercise, and you will like it. It improves the quality of your sleep, which might be affected by stress.

In case you have given it a try and lost motivation on the way, try to get an exercise routine you like. If you have no any in your mind, you can work on yoga, dancing, walking, or rock climbing.

Although stress is inevitable in your personal life or workplace, there are numerous natural ways to see them over the bay. So you should not let something which you can prevent, cost your life. Practice the above tips, and thank me later.

5 Proven Ways to Reduce Belly Fat in a Week

Belly fat doesn’t only make one look ugly; it also comes with a lot of health complications. Having a lot of fat in the abdominal area is strongly associated with diseases like heart disease and type 2 diabetes. A woman with a waist above 35 inches and a man with a waistline above 40 are considered to have abdominal obesity.

 Then what should you do? Starve for a week without eating or cutting all foods rich in calories to lose belly fat? Absolutely NO. Reducing belly fat does not need all that kind of punishment. In this article, I shall take you through the best-proven tips of losing belly fat within a week. Be my guest, and will make your time worth.

  1. Accept to Change Your Behavior. 

If what you want is that flat tummy of the models you see in the televisions, my dear, you must admit to break the habit and make firm decisions. When in the program of reducing belly fat, firm decision making should be at the forefront. For instance, when parting with your buddies, it is easy to be swept away by the situation and lose track of what you’re drinking or eating if you lack a firm decision. It is good to understand the awareness and plan of what to consume and what to avoid to make it easier for you to meet your goals. 

  • Concentrate on Proteins

We all know that proteins are bodybuilding food. But are you aware that they also keep you full and repair the tear on the muscles caused in strength training? It’s good to know for you to understand how important it is in the meals you take. As a general rule of thumb, aim at getting at least 70 grams of protein every day. It works much well, especially before the exercise. It’s normal to have hunger pangs after working out in the gym, but what matters is what you consume. Rushing to get calories is not wise at all. You will end up consuming excess than you can burn hence ending up with excess belly fat. According to Dr. Cheskin, you should eat a snack with at least 12 grams of protein before exercising. After the exercise, eat a protein-rich meal such as a protein bar with whole grains. 

  • Begin Strength Training

 Full strength training is essential in your recipe of keeping belly fat off for haul. What of the crunches and sit-ups you’ve been performing? Those they build muscles that replace body fat. Unlike the crunches and sit-ups, after completing the strength training, you’ll continue to burn fat since the muscles are metabolically active. According to Dr. Cheskin, when your metabolic rate becomes faster due to muscle growth, you’ll have a little more wiggle room in your diet. To begin the training, you don’t need to kill yourself by lifting heavyweights. You have to start lifting weights at least two days per week and consistently continue advancing. Remember, Rome was not built in one day; it took years. So is everything you do. Give yourself time, and by the time you’ll be a year old in training, you will have become a pro.

  • Eat More Fiber

  High refined carbs and sugary foods are not all good at taming hunger; you will keep on wanting more. However, fibrous foods such as whole-grain bread, vegetables, oats, vegetables, fruits, legumes, beans, and chia seeds will keep you full for a long time. Dr. Chestin urgues that, these fibers fill you up more as they help to slow your digestion. ‘For those who have a hard time following a strict diet, simplifying the weight loss approach by just increasing fiber intake can still work miracles.

  • Walk Every Day

As per Gagliardi argument “Walking is a pretty good entry point for people.” If you lack a well-established exercise program, try walking. You can start with a minute walk daily. is be very beneficial to your health than just sitting down to accumulate fat. This does not mean you kill yourself trying to do too much too soon because you’ll end up being burned out and stop the program. The easy way to do it right for your morale is to start with 10 minutes walk and continue increasing till the time you become comfortable with the daily routine. 

The Bottom Line

Belly fat is not healthy for your body since it comes with a lot of consequences, including obese, diabetes, and high blood pressure. What can be more relevant to you if you’re living at risk of so many diseases? Nothing. Thus, as they say health is wealth. Purpose to implement all the above tips and you’ll be amazed of just how fast you’ll lose that belly fat.

Were Some People Born to be Gay, or is it Something one Chooses to be?


According to researchers, between 2% and 11% of human adults are reported to be experiencing some homosexual feelings, though the figure often varies according to a survey. It exists across cultures and also to the animal kingdom according to the mammoth new review paper on homosexuality author. The big question is, what makes explicitly someone become gay? Is it their choice or something inborn? Is there a gay gene? Or is homosexuality caused by environmental factors such as child molestation, upbringing, and an affectionate father or an absent mother? Below are scientific researches contacted by some scientists? Be my guest and enjoy the reading.

Is Being Gay a Choice?

It has been a complicated thing to consider whether being gay is a choice. It appears that same-sex sexual attraction is not a choice, but acting on it is: So if you define gay as the meager presence of same-sex attraction, then it’s good to understand that being gay is not a choice.

After many interviews, most gay people have confessed that being gay is not something they chose to be. And that makes sense since you can also wonder how anyone would have the guts to decide to be something that could cause them to be contempt by society, denied by their families, deprived of rights, and subjected to probable violent hate crimes. Does this mean all being gay is negative? Absolutely no. 

Most of the gays attest that they have never being more fulfilled or happier when they came out. 

Some lesbians agree that being gay is a choice, especially those who were in marriage before they indulged in it. Others are angered; they do not like to hear people saying such a thing. For instant, the retired football player was scorned by lesbians and the gay community when she confessed that being gay was her choice during her interview with Gay.com. 

Many gays would argue that to become gay is not an option one makes, but whether to act on it is. One of them quoted this, “We don’t choose our sexual orientation, but what we choose whether or not come out of the closet.” Scientific organizations argue that homosexuality is not a choice one makes, but is biology plays a significant role. 

The National Mental Health Associate says that most researchers consider that sexual orientation is multifaceted and that biology plays a vital role. This means that many people either established it at an early age or born with their sexual orientation. 

Scientists studied the two types of twins (fraternal and identical) to try to examine if being gay is biologically determined. After the research, they concluded that people with identical genetic makeup (identical twins) are more prone to share sexual orientation than the one with different genetic makeup (fraternal twins). So genetic alone cannot cause sexual orientation, but they play a part. 
Despite biological research and social research, science, up-to-date, it is still not known what causes somebody to be gay. 

5 Sure Tips of Overcoming Marriage Challenges


Being in a marriage is not just a walk in the park. It requires an iron heart and a lot of sacrifice for you to survive. Do you still have doubts with this? OK, ask the divorcees, they will explain to you better. It is very simple for you to walk in the aisle take the marriage vows.

By the way, if marriage is so sweet, why take the vows? You know it? They indicate that the high possibility of calling it quits is high since marriage life has ups and downs and not made for faint-hearted fellows. It is good to look ahead to the marriage but not the wedding. Many people are wedding lovers but not marriage. That is why most marriages don’t even take a month without hearing of divorce. How many marriages have been seen coming to a halt even a day after the honeymoon trip? Indeed very many. My dear one, living with someone you were never brought up together is not a small deal, it’s a vast one.

Here are the five major marital challenges which have seen many families breaking and their solutions. Be my guest and joy the reading.

1. Financial struggle

If you happen to be asked a number one cause of marriage breaker, never forget to shout, ‘financial issues. Yes, it is said that money is the root of all evils. Do you agree with this sentiment?  If not, give yourself time and think about it. Many families have come to the dead-end due to financial quarrels.

 It mostly happens if the couples are all working and have disagreements when sharing responsibilities. The only secret couples need to know is that; money has no power over-commitment of their marriage. For you to end wrangles which comes with money, you following tips below and thank me later.

  • You should never have secrets over your financial status. Putting whatever you earn by the end of the day on the table work miracles. When your spouse is aware of the amount of income you earn as a salary or whatever you do for a living, builds trust with you and accommodates any change of lifestyle in case of financial crisis. This kills financial misunderstandings.
  • Live simply; Live to your standard. Copying others’ lifestyle may eventually result in disappointments. Have witnessed many marriages coming to an end simply because of the desire to misunderstandings. This leads to an unhealthy marriage.
  • Commit to a plan; Living in a marriage with no plans is like that biblical lad who built his house on sand, what would eventually happen? It would crumble after a rainfall. Would you wish for such marriage? Absolutely NO. Then engage your marriage into future plans.

2. Immaturity

If you are behaving the same way you used to during the first days of marriage, then this is the right  time you should wake up to a bitter truth that your marriage is stagnant. In fact marriage should grow as it ages. Both of you should cultivate for your marriage as though your life depends on it bearing in mind the repercussion which comes with a divorce.

3. Unfaithfulness

Have we said financial issues comes number one when it comes to marital challenges? Unfaithfulness then is ranked as the second. It is not a must to be a womanizer or date other men outside wedlock, but depriving your marriage partner time, attention, priorities, and poor management of resources, is being unfaithful. The best way of dealing with this marital killer vice is to recommit yourself to your partner, woo him/her once again. Prioritize on your marriage above everything and steer all your time and attention to it and the results will come shouting.

4. Sickness

You never know the importance of your partner until he/she physically breaks down. It is agonizing, but does it mean that you should call it quits when this happens? No. This kind of challenge should send you back to the pulpit and remind you of the vows you made; For good for worse. It is termed as the chief aim of marriage after procreation. It is the time when your partner needs you the most. They do say, a friend in need is a friend indeed. Remember you are not only a friend to your partner but the better half if I may call it. It is tough for you to handle everything, but it is an obvious willing spirit, that makes all the difference.

5. Depression

Never complain of ‘the blues’ when it comes your way. My dear, it is common for everyone in their lifetime. What makes a difference in many marriages is developing a servant’s heart; going for the extra mile and putting your partner’s needs ahead of your own. Because God is the founder of all marriages, seek help from Him and depression will be a forgone case. Be a conduit of that joy to your spouse and if need be, seek medical attention. Don’t wait till it is too late to control.

No one wishes to have a broken marriage, but laziness and lack of respect to each other makes the other partner think that they had made one of the worst decisions of deciding to tie knots. Let it not reach that far when you can make everything work again.

 Have you ever had an experience of family challenges? If yes, how did you handle it? Feel free to comment on the comment section.

5 Sure ways of getting rich

‘How to get rich is one of the most asked questions in search engines. Why? Because everyone’s expectation is to live a life of abundance. No one embraces poverty whosoever. In fact, it is the worst situation one can find himself in. Growing rich requires lack, skill, and most importantly patience. Unless you acquire wealth from one of your relatives after passing on, don’t expect it to be an easy task. Yes, getting rich is not just a walk in the park. You need to sweat for it.  Set yourself in a path that would lead you to a well-paying job, handle the money you get wisely by investing, reducing expenses and saving. Embrace perseverance, determination, and skillful decision making and your life will never be the same again. In this article, I will tackle the sure tips that can make you rich. Although some are not so ‘quick ‘ in making riches but will make you reach there without the ‘guilty conscience’. Be my guest, and I will make worth your time.

1.    Invest in Real Estate

Owning a huge land is believed to be the oldest indication of wealth. In nowadays, people have changed their way of investing due to the economic change which started in 2008 when the actual estates drew attention to most rich investors. If you want your money not to drain in a tunnel, think for ways of investing them wisely; target on buying a property, develop it and finally sell it. This one is a ‘sure bet ‘ and will see you living for the life you’re dying for since there will be the highest chances of selling it double price.

2.    Invest in the Stock Market

Do you want to get rich quickly without the shortcuts? Then give it a try on the stock exchange and thank me later. This is a thing for smart guys. They make a choice of the stocks wisely and use they’re divided into buying more stocks. By doing so, they make a fortune. Why can’t you be among them and say goodbye to the life of between hands and the mouth? Although it comes a time when the stocks are unstable, it also comes a time when you are an expert to detect the changes before they misbehave and keep your earning at a bay. Take the opportunity of buying more stocks when their prices are low. This will help you make the stock market crashes work for you.

3.    Make a Viral Video

The social media has been awash with viral funny videos. Have you ever asked yourself why? This is because many folks have learned how to make money through the internet. Yes, it is a great place where you can undoubtedly get rich quick. What you need to do is to have a unique thing which you can share with people by making video and uploading them to YouTube. If the video is viewed by 1000 viewers you will earn $2. If it happens your YouTube channel becomes popular, you can score support deals and earn thousands of dollars.

4.    Avoid rapidly Depreciating Purchases.

Have you ever bought a car and resell it after a year? If yes, how did you sell it? Did you sell it at the same price you bought it? Your answer should be absolute NO. Spending thousands of cash in buying big cars is considered as a big waste because immediately you drive it off the lot, it’s value depreciates by about 20%-25%. You can’t resell it at the same price you had purchased no matter how much you would have worked on it. What does all this suggest? The decision of purchasing a car should be very vital, don’t be influenced by your peers or colleagues.

5.    Don’t spend money on stupid stuff

Making money is not an easy task, but whenever we get them we tend to forget what we went through to acquire them. You may not understand how painful it is to spend your hard-earned money on a financial black hole until you’re broke again. It is advisable you re-evaluate the things you are intending to spend your cash on and figure out whether they are really ‘worth it’. Cut off the following things in your life if you’re really dying for that cozy life;

•    Lottery tickets and casino; It is true some people have become millionaires through lotteries, but have you asked yourself how many have lost through it? So avoid them like a plaque.

•    Vices such as cigarettes; What do you think when you see a smoker smoking? You should pity them since nothing hurts like watching their money going up in the form of smoke. Funny?

•    First-class plane tickets; Some folks spend willingly extra coins to secure themselves first class plane tickets. What makes them go for it? Is it a hot towel? Or the 4 inches of legroom? It’s good to comprehend that, luxurious life and getting rich are much far from each other like the earth and the sky. Save that extra coin and eventually you will appreciate the sacrifice.

After going through the article, go out there and work on every tip we have discussed. Remember that nothing good comes on silver platter. You must work for it. The world does not give you what you want but what you deserve. Right? Any way, I know there are other ways of making money, but the above mentioned will makes them quicker. T

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